With every poured glass with the light that reflects in gold, in the unique delicacy of the sun closed in thin glass, a story is told. A story full of joyous meetings and touching sensations.
We are happy to offer our customers this wonderful and at the same time mysterious privilege.

But it is important to recognize that this is a gift. First of all a gift of nature.
We are speaking about a region with deep viticulture, with a history that dates back centuries to the Roman Empire.
Our vineyards in the hills of San Pietro of Faletto, the heart of the Prosecco wine of Conegliano and VALDOBBIADENE D.O.C.G. A "G" which means Guaranteed quality.
It is an extraordinary wine environment, thanks to its special geographical and climatic conditions. But also a family heritage and local culture.

Aware of the great responsibility we have been given, we cultivate our tradition in full respect for the environment and everything that allows us to live this love for wine.
It is the matter of feeling, sensitivity and passion.