When passion becomes tradition.

This is the secret that distinguishes us.
The passion that for generations has led our family to guard carefully and then passed on from father to son a wealth locked up in these vineyards.
A passion that we kept alive for centuries and has become a tradition.
Today we can say that the confidence our ancestors put on us has become our work, performed day by day with responsibility and love.

He who can look with his heart knows that in the simplicity of the gestures that we have been repeating for years as it was taught by those who preceded us, there is a link between reality and magic.
Where the land speaks with the man, where the smell of must is accompanied by the blessing of the sun and the effort of a worker, a sacred moment is created in its intimacy of memories and emotions that remain always alive.

Wine is the crowning of this strong link between nature and man. A passionate relationship full of joy and attention.

Each bottle tells us about ourselves, our history, of our journey, reflects the sun, the earth and it is an emotion that we read in the affection with which we pour each glass.

He who knows how to taste does not drink wine but savors secrets. Salvador Dalì